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Pastor & leaders

Pastor Tim Stewart began serving at Parkdale in 2016. Joshua Fast began a children’s ministry internship in 2019. The church leadership team also includes a board of elders that provides spiritual oversight and an elected board that oversees the church’s various ministries.

Pastor’s welcome

Hi, my name is Tim Stewart, and I have served as pastor at Parkdale Evangelical Free Church since September 2016.

That means I’m a newcomer here – though, I was actually born in Victoria and dedicated in this church! After a 31 year hiatus, I’m thrilled to rejoin Parkdale with my family.

I grew up in North Delta, BC, where my dad was pastor of the Evangelical Free Church there. I was blessed to be raised in a loving, supportive family, and came to faith in Christ at a very young age. Since then, I’ve journeyed through various contexts that have been the soil of my growth as a follower of Jesus. Studying in high school, university and seminary; working in warehousing, construction and gardening; broadening in travel, missions and teaching; deepening in marriage, parenthood and pastoring - each new context is a new step of faith.

I met my wife, Emily, through serving in missions overseas. I had studied International Relations at the University of British Columbia, and she studied at Seattle Pacific University. After graduating, we both signed up to teach English in St. Petersburg, Russia for a year, and found ourselves on the same team. After a very formative year there, we returned to North America, married, and began life together. We share a love for God, people, travel, culture, the outdoors, and now our three wonderful children!

As we’ve served together in overseas missions, in student ministry, in pastoring a multicultural congregation, and now at Parkdale, Emily and I share a passion to develop leaders and reach out to the community. I love to mentor and support people to live out the calling that God has given them. I love to build bridges between God’s people and the world into which we’re sent. I love to see people come to rest in God’s love, gather to celebrate this love together, and discover where they can participate in His mission to the world. I am confident that the Gospel is good news to all, and that we are called to be good neighbors to all.

It has been amazing to see who God has brought our way over our years here, as He builds and forms His church. Parkdale has become truly diverse, yet wonderfully united. I am also thankful for the opportunity to begin Doctoral Studies at ACTS Seminaries, where I can continue to be challenged to broaden and deepen in my faith and ministry practice. I look forward to what God is going to do in and through us all at Parkdale Evangelical Free Church!

Joshua Fast, children’s ministry intern

Hi, my name is Joshua Fast, and I have served as the children’s ministry intern at Parkdale Evangelical Free Church since March 2019. Although I am a newcomer to the church, I have served in various capacities around Victoria for many years with various organizations, including Youth For Christ.

I grew up in Penticton, a small town in the Okanagan nestled between two lakes. My parents were youth leaders at our local church. As a baby I was passed around the youth group. So you could say from a young age I have had an interest in youth. As soon as I was old enough I became a junior youth leader in my youth group. Growing up in a public school my faith was challenged on a regular basis. When I got older I decided to search for evidence of the faith I had been raised into. I have been a student of apologetics ever since. I enjoy discussing and having conversation around the evidence for Christianity and the historicity of the Bible.

I met my wife, Nicole, through a district youth convention my youth group was hosting. After 11 months of long distance dating her dad offered me a job in construction with a future job in his architectural design office. So when I was 19 I moved to Victoria, and in 2008 Nicole and I were married. Six years later we had our son Malakai: his birth was the biggest test of my faith I have ever faced. We quickly found out after they got him breathing – which took half an hour – that he had Myotonic dystrophy and cerebral palsy from lack of oxygen in that half hour. We also found out Myotonic dystrophy is a genetic disorder that Nicole has as well. Nicole has the less severe form of the rare disease, but it could affect her as she gets older. Through the next four and a half months in the hospital we grew closer to God and to each other.

I have learned many lessons from the youth I have worked with, including my very own son. Lessons I hope to pass on to the next generation. I hope to teach them how to draw close to him no matter what storm life throws at them. Also that there is solid evidence and reason to have faith and an ongoing relationship with our heavenly Father.

I look forward to what God is going to do in and through the children’s ministry at Parkdale Evangelical Free Church.