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At Parkdale, we recognize that our calling to follow Jesus is an invitation to participate in his work. As a result, rather than relying on professionals to serve a crowd of consumers, we make it our priority to support all of God’s people to serve in their areas of gifting. We are all called to ministry!

In our small church setting, we enjoy the opportunity for close personal relationships and a high level of involvement from our congregation. Our Sunday school is led by parents who are learning to raise their children in the faith. Our worship music involves a variety of people who offer their gifts from the heart. Our small groups are led by those who are fellow-learners, growing as disciples of Christ. And our leadership fully represents the diversity of age, culture, and gender in our congregation. We welcome you to join us.

In addition, we enjoy offering internship opportunities for those pursuing a career in ministry. We love making space for others to learn and grow, discovering their gifts while serving in a significant way. Funding is available to accepted applicants. Please inquire for more information!